About Heat Pump Installers UK

Heat Pump Installers UK provide heat pump installations throughout the UK. Our engineers have over 10 years of experience of air and ground source heat pumps. Ranging from the large domestic bespoke houses to the mid-terrace house.

Systems coming from various manufactures, We believe no one system or house is the same. After working as subcontractors thought out the country it is now time to start selling our own designed systems. We work with suppliers of the heat pumps to offer you the MCS under their umbrella schemes. So we stick to what we know best, the installation.

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From survey to commissioning Heat Pump Installers have the knowledge to guide you to a warm, more efficient home!

We are providers and installers of ground and air source heat pump systems. On our website, you will find more information about the technology we install. This technology is relatively new to the united kingdom but has been tried and tested in colder countries for many many years.

Even though this technology is new, we have a combined knowledge over 15 years between us and forms part of the United Kingdoms fight against global warming. So whether you want one for environmental concerns or just interested for different reasons you will be able to sleep snug knowing your heating system is not part of the carbon emissions problem.

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