Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps (ASHPS, for short) use the warmth from the air outside to heat our homes. A cool liquid inside the air source heat pump absorbs warmth from the atmosphere. The warm liquid is then pushed through a compressor where the temperature increases. The pump transfers this heat into energy, warming the water in your central heating system, or storing it in a hot water cylinder. Installing an AHSP is an affordable and sustainable choice that can provide a stable source of cheap heat for your home.


Benefits of air source heat pumps

AHSP are highly energy-efficient, transforming 1kw of electricity into 3kw (and in some cases, 4kw) of heat to provide hot water and heating to our homes. Efficiency levels of up to 400% make them a sustainable choice, and they'll even work in -15℃.

Natural, energy efficient and 100% sustainable heat source
Helps to lower your energy bills
Easy to install and works with your existing heating system
Works all year round (in temperatures as low as -15℃)


Why choose an air source heat pump?

Looking a bit like an air conditioning unit, air source heat pumps work by absorbing heat from the outside air into a refrigerant liquid. This liquid is then pushed through a compressor where its temperature increases. The pump captures this increase, using it to heat hot water sent to your radiators or stored in a hot water cylinder. Air source heat pumps have been used in countries across the world for years. They can operate at freezing temperatures of up to -15c. Unlike ground source heat pumps that require excavation, the air source heat pump installation process is much simpler.

Samsung approved Heat Pump Installer


How does it work?

Every air source heat pump installation starts with a survey, where we examine your home, heating system and energy requirements.

The survey will help us specify a system that meets your energy requirements and fits your budget. We're able to select systems from a variety of manufacturers, providing you with access to the whole market.

You'll receive a no-obligation air source heat pump installation quote.

If you agree to the work, we'll need a deposit before we can schedule your installation.

After your system is installed, we'll check it over and ensure it's working perfectly for your property. We'll take care of the paperwork, registering it with the manufacturer for your warranty. You'll then need to pay the remaining balance.

Air Source Heat Pump FAQs

Yes. Air source heat pumps use the warmth of the air to generate heat. While air-source heat pumps require electricity to operate, they’re highly efficient, transforming 1kw of power into 4kw of heat.

Air source heat pumps are an energy-saving and sustainable solution and can help you save money. While they require electricity to run, they’re highly efficient. The system is more expensive to install than a gas boiler, but over a typical lifespan of 20 years, the savings you make in running costs should more than cover the initial outlay. The actual savings you could make will depend on the size of your property and its insulation. 

You may also qualify for a Government contribution to installation costs through available Government incentives.

Air source heat pump costs are falling all the time, making them a future-proof choice for new-builds.

Air source heat pumps are very quiet. In fact, you may not realise it’s on at all. Air source heat pumps are installed outside the home, with little – if any – noise entering your home.

Air source heat pumps are slightly bigger than air conditioning units you may see outside commercial buildings such as pubs, bars and cafes. But ultimately, it depends on the heat loss of the property.

Yes. It’s safe to cover your air source heat pump. However, you will need to ensure you don’t restrict airflow.

Air source heat pumps are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. They use a fraction of the energy of a typical gas boiler with no harmful emissions. As more and more power comes from sustainable sources, such as wind and solar energy, air-source heat pumps are a highly sustainable choice.

During our survey, we’ll inspect all radiators in your property and assess whether any are incompatible. We’ll provide a cost-effective solution as part of our package.

Air source heat pumps are situated outside your property, so you will need a safe and accessible space to house them. We’ll need to find space for a hot water cylinder and some essential components inside the property. We’ll inspect your property during the survey and identify the best and most convenient locations for all components.

The hot water generated by a heat pump is warm enough for showers or baths.