Underfloor Heating

Energy-efficient underfloor heating provides comfortable heat to every room while giving you complete control. Water-based underfloor heating systems push warm water through a network of pipes installed under the floor to spread heat. The system disperses heat evenly, providing room-filling warmth at much lower water temperatures than radiator-based heating systems. Underfloor heating is easy to install and more efficient than using radiators. It's almost maintenance-free and will last over 20 years.


Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are more efficient than traditional radiators, which translates into significant energy savings, meaning money off your bills.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
Even heat distribution will warm every room
Maintenance free and long-lasting
Works with all flooring types

Underfloor heating systems

Why choose underfloor heating

Hidden beneath the floor and the floorboards, underfloor heating systems provide an efficient and consistent source of warmth.

Underfloor heating systems can provide comfortable heat at much lower temperatures than radiators. As a result, running costs are much lower when using energy-efficient underfloor heating systems, which translates into significant savings on your energy bills.

While radiators heat one side of the room, creating cold spots, underfloor heating systems will heat every corner of the room. Heating controls are more sensitive, too, giving you greater control and increased comfort.

Once installed, underfloor heating systems are maintenance-free. While some owners worry about underfloor heating installations, modern systems will operate for years. They work with any type of floor, including tiles, carpet, wood and laminates.

Samsung approved Heat Pump Installer

At HPI, we specialise in sustainable underfloor heating solutions to heat your home.

How does it work?

We'll visit your home and complete a survey. This helps us clarify the current system (including gas boilers) you have installed and define your requirements.

We use the survey to help us specify a suitable design for your property. We work with all leading manufacturers, including providers of energy-efficient hot water underfloor heating systems.

You'll receive a no-obligation quote detailing all installation costs.

If you're happy, we'll ask for a deposit and schedule your work.

Once we've installed your system, we'll ensure it's working before we leave. Once you're happy, we'll ask for the remaining balance, and we're done!

Underfloor Heating FAQs

Underfloor heating systems work by providing heat through a network of pipework installed under the floor. 

No, in fact, energy-efficient underfloor heating systems are cheaper to run than traditional central heating systems that rely on radiators. Radiators need water to be heated to approximately 65  degrees to heat a room. Underfloor heating systems can heat a room using water at around 35 degrees. Lower temperatures mean lower power bills, as your boiler needs to do less work (and therefore use less energy).

Compared to traditional radiators, underfloor heating systems are highly energy efficient – in some cases using up to 50% less power. While not as efficient as ground source or air source heat pumps, for example, they can help you make significant savings on your electricity bills.